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Townhome House Plans

Townhome House Plans Specifications

House Style : Townhomes (4-plex)

Bedrooms :(2) 2-bedroom units, (2) 3-bedroom units

Baths : 2 in each unit

# of Floors : 1

Living Sq. Ft. :2 bedroom units-1039 s.f., 3 bedroom units-1258 s.f.

Total Sq. Ft. : 2 bedroom units-1361 s.f., 3 bedroom units-1579 s.f.

Garage : 1 car

Overall Dimensions : 100′ 10″ x 62′


Price: Cost of plans are based upon how many units( 4-plexes ) are to be built. The more units built, the cheaper the cost per unit will be charged.  We have some developments with at least ten units(4-plexes). We will require an engineered plot plan with the layout of units on the property to determine the number of units to be charged for. Contact us at 1-225-664-1455 with Questions.  * we also have 5,6, & 7plex townhomes.